Coffee being a curious inebriation - some say mental stimulation
It's created quite the cohabitation
Of an entire generation, at a time when nations
Spend more time speculatin'
Than making changing

But far from a Starbucks
Or the simple coffee stand
That it was down in Wooster when it began
Before those brilliant brewsters decided to


Keep the name Sonnets - move it north to Wadsworth
Pull in music from 'cross land
On a quaint Rockwell-ian stretch
The jewel of College Street
(You all better bet)
With Wood and Miracle, Implied Logic and Quinn
Tho' far from the last - some of the first ones in

So tables to the far wall!
Quick with the expansion!
Stage lights (and stage, yes!), our own humble  mansion
But funkier son, than you might have guessed
When filled to the brim and put to the test
Lo-lit vibe and a menu to die for -
Salads, soups, Boar's Head between Panini bread
And 7 bucks, a bargain
Corking fees, a breeze
Compared to what yer offered -
Signature and flavored blends; First Verse, Dark Lady, Black Satin,
Irish Cream

Now yer officially invited, come inside - kick off the heat or cold
(It is Northeast Ohio, so it sort of depends on when you cross this fair threshold)
And dig in deep - words, music, and delectable comestible
From these surefire chefs and baristas
Poets, preachers, rockers and folk festers

And as for coffee in's still unclear
If it can ever really change the world, dear
So leave it for the historians to sort out the hysteria and fear
For in the moments that you're here
It seems more than fair
To say it all seems all right

So step on in


   -- Brian Lisik


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