**Sonnets book artists who play their own ORIGINAL music. Sorry, we are not interested in booking cover bands!

Promoting a Show

1. Playing a show isn't as simple as showing up and plugging in. You should promote your shows, at Sonnets – for that matter, any time you play. We'll do our part, but ultimately you're responsible for bringing patrons to your show.

2. Make posters, flyers and/or handbills at least a month before the show. Bring some to the Sonnets: Put them on our bulletin board. Then flyer everywhere else in town: grocery stores, music stores, pizza shops, etc.

3. Word of mouth is the best promotion there is. Tell everyone you know to come see you play. Make sure your show is listed on your web site and link to our web site while you're at it. (If you don't have a web site, posters, flyers, etc. You really should! We can help you with that too. Let us know.)

4. Contact the local press! Newpapers, web sites, radio, etc. Most of them would love to help!

5. We list shows on our web site on the Live Music page, on, our Facebook fan page, and on We send event schedules to our own mailing list and to local media. Email other promotional questions to

HOW MUCH DOES THE BAND GET? We have found that both the musician and Sonnets seem to do better by playing for tips and not charging a cover. Musicians keep all tips earned. We encourage you to sell your CDs and merchandise. Pass the hat!

WHAT TIME IS THE SHOW? Shows start at 7:30 pm and last 2 hours unless noted

WHAT CAN I DO TO GET A RECURRING GIG AT THE SONNETS? Get people out to your shows. Bring in as many people as you can! Keep that in mind and promote yourselves, as any self-respecting band should.

CAN WE HAVE DINNER? Yes, scheduled entertainers may order one entree from the regular menu at no charge. Depending on how busy we are, it may take some time to fit you in. Coffee, tea, and soda are included. All other beverages and pastries are regular price.


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